The newest entries depict the fresh sounds off 37 moms and dads from inside the heteronormative dating


This particular article examines the latest gendered information regarding really works–life equilibrium during the Iceland for the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular just how this type of personal changes echo and impact the gendered department from delinquent work, such as childcare and you can house chores. The analysis brings towards discover-finished actual-day diary records, accumulated for two months for the top of one’s pandemic from inside the Iceland. New findings signify, for the pandemic, the moms and dads obtained deeper intellectual performs than before. However they described intense psychological labor, as they attempted to keep folk peaceful and secure. The newest division of tasks in the home take a seat on the arms, resulting in him or her stress and you will outrage. The fresh findings suggest that, inside a nation that has been near the top of the new Gender Pit Index for quite some time, an unmatched disease including COVID-19 normally let you know and you will go overboard strong intercourse norms and you will expectations to your parents.