So why do we see desires for any other internet being in my sign records?

This is simply not advised, as it is almost certain not to provde the extra protection you might think you are gaining

Machine: Bob’s content HTTPd Server to do this, it is important to customize the Apache source rule and reconstruct Apache. The exact technique of doing this try leftover as a workout when it comes down to reader, once we are not keen on assisting you take action definitely intrinsically an awful idea.

.142 – – [25/: -0700] “bring HTTP/1.0” 200 1456 issue try: why did an ask for yahoo come to their servers rather than Yahoo’s server? And exactly why do the feedback posses a status code of 200 (success)?

It’s usually the result of malicious clients wanting to take advantage of available proxy hosts to get into a website without exposing their unique correct venue.