How to propose if you met the right girl

How to propose if you met the right girl

· Do not expect to enjoy your vacation at her cost, staying at her house and eating their food. It’s convenient and authentic of course, but very selfish too.

· Finally, do not let her feel she is just one of many other girls you are going to meet. Every Ukrainian women wants to be unique and special, even if they realize the truth.

It isn’t rare that western men find it a good idea to marry a Ukrainian woman . If to chose correctly the region and a family she comes from, it can be a very low-budget marriage.

Many compare a marriage with a Ukrainian girl to a marriage with a Filipina. Girls also need some basic things like meals and simple dresses, and the beaches there are awesome.

However, the difference is that women in Ukraine are very well educated, so they perceive courtship and proposal as very romantic attributes, not practical ones.

· The proposal is made without a ring, otherwise a man says directly it’s much cheaper to buy a ring in Ukraine than in his country. That’s very anti-romantic!

· The wedding isn’t planned at all under the reason that marriage has a hitwe ne demek form of civil partnership in a man’s country. But wedding is an event number one in her life.

· The proposal is actually made because a man has no other ways to keep a stable partner beside him at the moment, for example, he moves to the Muslim country for work.

· The proposal is made because a man has other second thoughts, for example, he has a very sick relative and no one wants or can to take care of him.

· A man’s income is ok but he has no house of his own, and a five children custody, so he realizes a local woman will not be interested in such a marriage.

Of course, all these men may have wonderful personalities and loving hearts, but what they do or say makes a Ukrainian woman kind of second sort person, and she feels that.

Even if one of described situations is yours, try to be more romantic with your chosen one. At least do not tell her you would never go to Ukraine if not your difficult circumstances.

Stay as practical as you want, but she needs to know she is special in your eyes. What is between you and her, has nothing to do with a cheap Ukrainian jewellery or your sick dad.

If you do not follow this advice and keep on being deadly practical with a hot Ukrainian beauty, she may accept your conditions today but leave you tomorrow, because she is hurt.

Dating experts are noticing that girls often complain about western men’s too practical attitude regarding proposal and marriage

Try to practice being a gentleman, and you’ll be surprised how soft and flexible she is covering all your needs and solving all your actual problems.

Ukrainian affair: what comes after?

Not every Ukrainian girl you meet , stays in your life forever. It’s a process. If you really want her to stay, she will, but you both need to manifest a similarly strong commitment.

For example, she needs to gather quite a bunch of documents for getting married or even for visiting you, and she’ll expects your informational and financial assistance in that.

From a man’s side, some documents are needed as well, but also a lot of patience and care, because getting a visa or planning a trip is never an easy process. The weakest people give up.

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