Hazan and you can Razor (1987) had been a couple of basic boffins to understand more about Bowlby’s suggestions when you look at the the newest perspective away from intimate dating

” It was not up until the middle-80’s, however, you to researchers began to bring certainly the possibility that accessory procedure can get gamble call at adulthood. Predicated on Hazan and you will Shaver, the latest emotional bond that occurs ranging from mature romantic partners is partly a function of an equivalent motivational program–this new attachment behavioural program–providing you with rise with the mental bond between kids and their caregivers. Hazan and Razor noted that relationships anywhere between infants and caregivers additionally the dating anywhere between adult romantic lovers express next enjoys:

Even in the event Bowlby was primarily concerned about knowing the character of infant-caregiver matchmaking, the guy considered that accessory distinguisheded people experience from “the brand new cradle with the grave

  • one another feel comfortable when the other is actually nearby and you may responsive
  • each other do romantic, intimate, actual get in touch with
  • both feel insecure if the other are inaccessible
  • both express findings with one another
  • one another fool around with one to another’s face has and you may showcase a shared fascination and you can preoccupation with one another
  • each other practice “child talk”

On such basis as such the thing is that, Hazan and Razor argued you to definitely mature intimate matchmaking, like child-caregiver relationships, try accessories, and therefore close like was a property of the accessory behavioral system, and the inspirational assistance that provide rise so you can caregiving and sexuality.