One told me I “tried to sell sex” through my profile

I’m most unhappy with AFF, and below is the letter I’ve sent. Beware of this sort of unjust and arbitrary treatment!

I had a wholly exasperating and rude experience with your customer service staff today, after I found my account deactivated. I believe I had several more weeks pre-paid service coming to me, yet I could get no reasonable, clear or compelling explanation of precisely why this sugar daddy san francisco deactivation happened. Cat told me I would have to “get a subpoena” in order to know the evidence behind the violation charges. I was quite taken aback that your staff would be making such silly statements. And, she hung up on me, too. While that might be a matter of “he said, she said,” I will tell you I was not abusive. She just got tired of me asking questions and simply trying to get some clarity from her! These conversations took place via this AFF customer service number: 610-757-****.

Both those ladies were wholly unclear on the various violation charges. When, I asked? March 10, she said. Well, I know nothing about that. I was shut out of chat on March 16, for giving my email address in the chat room, and I was cut off from chat for 24 hours. AFF sent me an email March 16, notifying me of this penalty.